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New dwellings and renovations/extensions

Resource consent is often required to construct a new home or to undertake renovations and extensions. The best time to look at any restrictions on your lot/property is prior to engaging to get plans drawn. We can help you right through the process to ensure that you either do not require resource consent or to help you through the process of getting one.

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Aviation – hangars and landings

We have good knowledge on landing requirements for both helicopter and fixed wing. You might be surprised what is considered an airport/heliport. The construction or alteration of hangars can also be a difficult however we have the knowledge and experience to know how to navigate the whole process.


Air BNB and visitor accommodation

New rules have recently been introduced by QLDC with regards to visitor accommodation, with resource consent now being required for any guest stays that are for less than 90 nights. It is important to understand what this means for you if you have an existing visitor accommodation operating without a resource consent. If you are looking at starting up an Air BNB or visitor accommodation, then we can help.

Water take

It appears that recently water take holders have not been getting the correspondence from Council warning that their water permits are due to expire. An expired permit means that a new water take permit is required. The ground water allocation in the region is already over allocated so it is proving difficult to get new permits through. If you require a new permit then we can help give you your best chance at getting a water take permit granted.

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If you are looking at holding an event in the region, then you may require an event resource consent. We can help ensure that you either comply with the District?Regional Plan or can apply for a resource consent on your behalf.


The signage requirements especially in the Queenstown Lakes District can be very restrictive. Sign permits and resource consents can be gained for signage on your building or a free standing sign on your property.

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Variation to resource consent

Sometimes situations change and you may need to apply for a variation to a resource consent. Maybe it’s a change of paint colour or the addition of a window or maybe it’s a change in operating hours. Whatever it is we can help you apply for a variation to your resource consent.

Moorings and water based activities

Did you know that moorings and water based activities usually require a multitude of approvals from a number of stakeholders? We have the experience, knowledge and relationships to get these underway and a consent application lodged with Council.

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Discharge to air or water

Are you wanting to start up an operation that involves discharging to the air or to a water body? If so then we can help to apply for all the necessary permits/consents to allow you to undertake the activity.

Subdivision and boundary adjustments

We work with surveyors and engineers to help make the subdivision process a smooth one. You might be surprised what you could achieve on your site.

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Compilation of monitoring reports for Council

We can write your reports to send to Council on the results of your water/air sampling.

Water sampling

We can undertake one off or regular water sampling for you as required by the conditions of your resource consent.

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Feasibility studies

Do you have big plans for your site? Are you unsure of what you can and cannot do? We can help you to make the most of your property by advising what can or cannot be done in relation to planning requirements and indicating the likelihood of a resource consent being granted, if required.

Due diligence

Are you are looking at buyer a new property? Are you aware of what you can and cannot do on the site? We can help you to understand any restrictions on the site and also help you to understand what you might be able to achieve.

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Writing submissions

Are you concerned with an application for resource consent or maybe you support an application? We can help you write a submission that is focused on the relevant issues taking into account the requirements of the RMA and District/Regional plans. We can also represent/support you to ‘be heard’ at a Council hearing in support of your submission. This can often be a daunting process if you haven’t done this before.


Whether an earthworks consent is required or not is dependent on the volume, area and location of the works. Mounding especially near a boundary can often mean a resource consent is required. If you are unsure or think that you may need a consent, then we are here to help you through the process.


Applying for Department of Conservation concessions

If you are looking at doing anything of a commercial nature on DOC land or are wanting to undertake any of the following on DOC land, then you will likely require a concession from DOC:

  • Access and easements

  • Aerial trophy hunting

  • Aircraft landings

  • Bee keeping

  • Filing and drone use

  • Grazing

  • Guided activities

  • WARO (Wild Animal Recovery Operations)

  • Structures

  • Sporting events

  • Watercraft activities